The Bo Burnham Inside special album is out now

Comedian and musician Bo Burnham recently released his latest special to Netflix called Inside, and now it’s available in the form of an album too.

Inside is a bit difficult to explain. It’s a combination of stand-up show, musical, documentary and short film. It’s best to approach it like a performance art piece that happens to use elements of those other forms of art too.

“Inside (The Songs)” is the name of the audio-only version of the performance which you can listen to as a performance. It’s available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal, regular YouTube and the iTunes Store.

Below is the embedded version from Spotify but you can find links to all the other platforms right here.

The 20 songs are 53 minutes long combined so you can listen right through in less than an hour.

Our favourite from the album is still Bezos I. While it’s only one minute long it sounds like an 80s power ballad and it’s going to get a lot of replays.

Now for the weird part: you should definitely not listen to this music before watching the special on Netflix.

While the music is fantastic on its own and we’re 100% going to listen to it a few times over as a standalone album, Inside is really meant to be watched first.

Each of the 20 songs is tied together with fantastic visuals in the special as well as some physical comedy and storytelling from Bo Burnham.

Listening to the album before seeing the special would be like just listening to the audio from a movie. The album, of course, is also missing all the audio elements that take place between the songs.

If you want to look at things practically – the Inside special is only 87 minutes. So, while it is longer than the length of the album, it’s not much more.

This is us really trying to get you to watch Inside and, luckily, we have some help.

The visual and audio parts of two songs – White Woman’s Instagram and Welcome to the Internet – are available to watch for free on YouTube.

See these as trailers for Inside if you need further convincing.

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