Website update reveals more about Marvel Future Revolution

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Mobile title Marvel Future Revolution has been a long time coming with a reveal back in March 2020 and a slow drip feed of information since then, which somewhat changes today with a dump of new details.

This comes by way of a website update announced by the official Twitter account for the game. The new website, available here, gives us a much better look at the game thanks to its descriptions of what we can expect, something that has been missing since the announcements.

“At the start of the Convergence, multiple dimensions began collapsing into one another, different Earths threatening to collide and destroy themselves. Many dimensions fell. Some survived…By the hand of the Vision, whose core helped create the first Convergence Engine,” reads the game overview.

We already knew that there would be dimensions hopping shenanigans in Future Revolution from the outset, but Vision being at the centre of things is new.

Marvel characters jumping around dimensions is actually a bit of a trope for the franchise that we’ve seen multiple times before. Hell if you told us that description was for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite we would have believed you.

The new site also outlines for pillars for the game under the features list:

Open world

Marvel’s First Open World Action RPG on Mobile! Discover an original story while exploring a vast, open world!

Costume Customization

Mix and Match Costumes by each part and complete your unique Super Hero!

A Colossal Clash Of Marvel Heroes And Villains!

Exhilarating Action-Packed Gameplay Control each Super Hero’s super powers. Defeat villains with cinematic combat actions!

Amazing Real-Time Co-Op Content!

Work with your friends to defeat iconic villains! Experience an array of game modes including Omega War and Dark Zone!

Point two of costume customisation is why you see Iron Man, Spider-Man and Storm all sporting new outfits in the header image above. We have to imagine that selling skins will be a big way that developer Netmarble is looking to make money within the game.

Hopefully these costumes will be available to be bought outright instead of the random nature of lootboxes, but we’ll have to keep waiting for news on that front.

We’ll also have to keep waiting for a release date for Future Revolution as well as any information about what devices it will be available on.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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