You probably can’t wear this LEGO adidas shoe

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This week LEGO released a teaser of a new set based on adidas shoes meant to be revealed on 1st July. It seems that date isn’t the reveal but rather the release as the full details about the product have now been revealed.

Set 10282: LEGO adidas Originals Superstar is a LEGO set containing 731 pieces. Overseas it will sell for $79.99 / CA$109.99 / AU$159.99 / €89.99 / £79.99 depending on the territory.

A press release has revealed that South Africans will also be able to buy this set on the 1st July international release. Unfortunately the price is very high at R1 799. For comparison the best price to look at is usually the UK one is as it includes sales tax unlike what the Americans pay.

At the time of writing £79.99 converts to around R1 550, so again South Africans will be paying a premium on top of an already expensive product.

The pieces here don’t build a pair of shoes, but rather a single one which comes with a little stand to elevate the back of the build. From the promotional pictures the inside of the shoes does have some hollow spaces like a real piece of clothing, but this is a scale model not meant to be worn.

When assembled the shoe is 12 X 27 X 9 centimetres (height X length X width).

To make this set even more unique there’s also specialised packaging. As you can see in the gallery of promotional images below the set comes in a box meant to look like a regular adidas shoe box, instead of a LEGO set.

LEGO has been partnered with adidas for some time now with the latter making real shoes with brick branding, but we never expected this. It’s just a bit odd really. We can see the appeal of desk toys based on typewriters and pianos but a shoe? Eh.

The proportions of the finished product also just seem off to us. With all LEGO sets you have to provide the company with some leeway in terms of scale and size but the look of the assembled set just doesn’t do it for us.

Our opinion aside early samples of the set have made their way into the wild where some fan blogs have had a chance to review them. Two of our favourites – Brickset and The Brothers Brick – have content on the set available already if you’re on the fence for an expensive shoes you’re never going to wear.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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