After all the rumours the new Nintendo Switch is an OLED upgrade

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Ever since the original Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017 there have been rumours about some upgraded version to beef up the visuals. All that we’ve had since then is a slight revision to the CPU for better battery life and the cut down cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite. That was until today with the announcement of the OLED model.

“OLED model” isn’t a generic term as it’s exactly what Nintendo themselves call it. The “Nintendo Switch (OLED model)” has its own dedicated page and a quick trailer (embedded below). If your disappointment about a better revision isn’t great enough that boring name really rubs things in.

As a quick reminder the OG Nintendo Switch has an LCD screen that is 6.2 inches with a resolution of 1280 X 720.  The new OLED model now has, as the name suggests, an OLED screen that is 7 inches with a resolution that is unspecified by Nintendo right now.

Thankfully the screen isn’t the only improvement. The kickstand for tabletop mode has been redesigned and is now much wider with more angles of adjustment, a massive improvement over the flimsy original stand with one fixed position..

The internal storage has been bumped up to 65 GB, another welcome improvement over the tiny 32GB. The audio too has been improved, apparently, with the vague promise of “enhanced audio”.

Aside from the handheld console the dock as had a makeover too. It now has a wired LAN port so you can plug it directly into a network without relying on a wireless connection or shelling out for a USB converter. The back of the dock has a bigger cutout for cable managed doing away with the troublesome pinhole of old.

A new White and Black colourway is the hero design for the OLED model, but a Black version (with the familiar red and blue Joy-Cons) will also be available when this launched on 8th October.

Right now we don’t have South African pricing or availability. In the US the OLED model will cost $349.99 (~R4 996) which is slightly higher than the $299.99 (~R4 282) of the regular Nintendo Switch.

Those hoping to buy an OLED model should start saving up now because the original Nintendo Switch is almost twice the price in South Africa compared to America. Last year the price of the console shot up to R7 999 and has remained that price ever since. We would be completely unsurprised if the OLED model costs closer to R10 000 locally.

Price aside this feels like a disappointment. We think that most people were hoping for a proper upgrade to the internals and beefier specs to run more demanding games. We don’t have official word from Nintendo about the exact components in the OLED model but we have to think that any upgrade would have been included in this early marketing.

For now you can browse the official Nintendo website for this new model until more information is released.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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