htxt.africast – POPIA finally in effect in South Africa

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After all these years the Protection of Personal Information Act, or POPIA, has finally come into effect. It’s been a busy, stressful week, so let’s talk about POPIA in this edition of the africast.

Before that let’s talk about some news starting with Vodacom and its VodaPay system it is billing as a “super app”. With so much promised for this one app we have to wonder if Vodacom is doing too much, but we’ll have to wait and see when it’s released at the end of August.

Next up is Pokémon which declared 1st July 2021 Bidoof Day in celebration of one of its funniest creatures. The events of the day are spilling into the rest of the week so see our links below, and be sure to watch the ridiculous rendition of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, remade for Biddof.

Finally for news we have billionaires battling out in space as Richard Branson will scoop Jeff Bezos getting for the kind of prestigious title of flying into the stars on a craft from a company they own. Billionaires sure seem keen to leave the planet that made them so rich.

Now onto POPIA. We discuss all those emails you may have received recently about compliance to the act as well as some myths about it that we’ve received input on from experts.

We also look at what it takes to be compliant and ending off on the old adage: the second best time to plant a tree is right now. If you own or operate a company dealing with customer information in any way you should make it your first priority to be in line with POPIA, and you should consult a lawyer.

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