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DA calls for extra information around NSFAS funding

Today the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has re-opened applications giving students who need funding another chance.

Many individuals and organisations have praised this effort but Chantel King, DA Shadow Minister for Higher Education, Science & Technology, has called on the powers that be to provide more information about the situation.

“The DA is calling on the parliamentary portfolio committee for higher education, science and technology to call NSFAS to provide the following,” a press release reads.

The list of requested information is as follows:

  • “A reconciliatory report to date on funds received, funds disbursed and funds available;
  • How many students the available funds can accommodate;
  • How many appeals have been processed;
  • Which universities still have outstanding registration schedules; and
  • How many students still need to receive allowances.”

King and the DA also point out that now is “opportune time” for the committee to release its findings.

For students on the ground things aren’t going so smoothly. Looking on Twitter, for example, and the latest tweet from NSFAS isn’t even about the new applications, but about the COVID-19 grant.

Students have used the replies on this tweet to discuss problems with the application portal and other issues with NSFAS in general. On top of airing problems such as missing functions on the website, many students are asking for this direct messages to the institution to be replied to.

“Many young people still see education as the only means to escape the shackles of poverty. NSFAS must ensure that the process of applying is as smooth as possible and that any glitches in the system are fixed. Students dependent on NSFAS often have no other means to support themselves through their studies and cannot be left in the lurch,” King adds.

This new period of NSFAS applications will last between today, 18th August, and 3rd September.

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