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‘Practice Makes Perfect’ update wants to make you better at Dead Cells

One of the common complaints we hear about the roguelike genre is that, because you lose everything when you die in a run, it’s difficult to become accustomed to certain elements of the game. Addressing that is Dead Cells and its Practice Makes Perfect update.

Live now on all platforms, Practice Makes Perfect doesn’t rebalance the game in nay way, but instead makes the game easier to approach and aims to improve the learning curve.

It does this with a few key additions and and features, according to the patch notes:

  • Training room – hone your skills against all the mobs and bosses you’ve seen
  • Aspects – extremely strong powers to make your run easier (but you can’t win the next Boss Cell if you beat the game)
  • World map – see the paths you can take through the island
  • When you pick up a scroll you can see the change to your overall damage for each colour
  • Multi-binding moved to Custom Mode
  • Lots of smaller quality-of-life changes

A training room is not a new concept but it’s very much appreciated in a roguelike. Dead Cells’ implementation of the feature lets players fight against both regular enemies and bosses as practise.

The Aspects are, as promised, extremely strong. Aside from the drawback of not unlocking Boss Cells, only one Aspect can be equipped at once. Certain achievements will also be locked when these are in use.   

The world map has also been updated to make navigation easier and some smaller changes have come along as is expected with every title update. These are all included in the patch notes along with fan art from the community.

Dead Cells is available on Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam and GOG), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Paid versions on Android and iOS are also available.

As mentioned Practice Makes Perfect is now live for PC and console, and is free much like many smaller content drops in the game which have been added ever since the game left Early Access in August 2018. There were paid expansions too.

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