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Razer’s latest mobile gaming product is simple but clever

Despite the reputation mobile gaming has for predatory microtransactions and rather lacklustre gameplay elements, the market is much bigger than you might believe.

According to a report from Research And Markets in June, revenue from the mobile gaming market contributed 57 percent of the global revenue from all video games throughout 2020.

This figure is likely only set to climb higher as 5G, cloud based gaming and other services which enhance the experience of mobile gaming become more wide spread.

With all of this in mind, Razer’s latest product specifically for mobile gaming is rather clever.

That product is the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve which is exactly what it sounds like – sleeves for your fingers.

While it sounds a bit silly at first, if you’ve ever played mobile games, especially shooters, you’ll know that the sweat from your fingers can turn things sour rather quickly. These finger sleeves will help alleviate that problem.

Of course, these finger sleeves aren’t exactly an original idea. A quick search will reveal many solutions from a variety of brands. For instance we found this pair on Takealot for R175.

Razer’s finger sleeves are non-slip and conductive so you’ll still be able to click heads or drive around in your games and they cost $9.99 on the Razer Store.

Whether these will arrive in South Africa is unclear but now you know this sort of thing exists if you’re serious about mobile gaming but get annoyed when sweat gets in the way.

As we said, simple but rather clever.

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