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Gfycat to start deleting anonymous, unused gifs later this month

Made a gif on Gfycat months ago and haven't used it since? It may be deleted soon.

Vodacom users Anonymous! Frustrated customers let off steam through tongue-in-cheek posts

Vodacom said it is currently in the process of completing all credit refunds and reinstating affected data bundles.

Anonymous hacks Armscor website with simple SQL injection

Anonymous's Operation Africa targets another victim, as Armscor websites is hacked through a fairly simple technique.

Zimbabwe’s gov sites still down 24 hours after Anonymous hack

It's been almost 24 hours since the government and ZANU-PF websites in Zimbabwe were taken down by Anonymous Africa.

Tor’s new feature may keep users anonymous for longer

The Tor browser has a new way to stop malicious individuals from stopping your desire to be anonymous.

Anonymous Africa goes for Gupta family by targeting news sites, but fails

The promised attack time came and went, yet the targeted news websites remained online.

Now Anonymous Africa has hacked “racist” EFF’s website too

First it was the SABC and now "hacktivist" group Anonymous Africa has set its sights on the EFF.

Anonymous Africa hacks SABC sites over violent protest footage “ban”

The hacktivist group has said that this is not the last the SABC has seen of it and threatened COO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng over what it calls censorship.

Latest Anonymous hack steals 1TB of data from the Kenyan government

The dumped data contains confidential and non-confidential PDF and .docx files from Kenya's Foreign Ministry.

Anonymous promises retribution after Brussels attack

In a new video posted yesterday, Anonymous renewed its commitment to go after ISIS.

Did Anonymous just google “Donald Trump personal details”?

A second anti-Trump video from Anonymous has been released along with some of his personal data, but is it anything new?

Donald Trump, it is too late to expect us – Anonymous

Anonymous has called for a war on Donald Trump to start on 1st April.

Dept of Water Affairs springs a leak as Anonymous open taps

The hacking group is powering through a list of government websites as part of Operation Africa.