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Facebook & Instagram introduce gift cards for local SMEs during COVID-19

The gift cards can be used to help support South African SMEs during the pandemic.

Instagram now notifies you if you’re illegally broadcasting music on Live videos

Instagram has recently updated its guidelines, paying specific focus to Live videos and the use of music in them.

Instagram Lite pulled as a massive redesign is in the works

Instagram Lite users have been asked to use the fully fledged version of the app on mobile and desktop in the interim.

Facebook testing feature for cross-posting to Instagram

The feature could prove a time saver, and a way to get more eyeballs on content.

Hidden Side brings choose your own adventure to Instagram

LEGO's Hidden Side theme gets an ad from yesteryear.

Influencers can no longer promote vaping or weapons on Instagram

Facebook is closing a loophole that allowed brands to pay influencers to promote products that couldn't be advertised on the social network's platforms.

To fight misinformation, Instagram will label false content shared from Facebook

The firm is taking more steps in the fight against misinformation, but is it enough.

Instagram influencer gets 14 years for holding domain owner at gunpoint

Initially sentenced in 2017, now the influencer is officially heading to jail.

Facebook Pay brings payments to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

Facebook Pay is designed to allow for payments within the Facebook app ecosystem.

Instagram introduces Threads as a messaging service for close friends only

Following initial reports in August, now Instagram has introduced its friends-only messaging service.

Threads is a new messaging app that Facebook is developing for Instagram

Threads will be a companion app to Instagram that users will share with their closest contacts.

You could start seeing twice as many ads on Instagram Stories

This as the social media app reportedly faces pressure from Facebook to up its ad count.

Instagram offering hidden like feature to six more countries

South Africa has not made the cut.