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Mark Shuttleworth loses R250 million legal battle with SA Reserve Bank

ConCout grants reserve bank leave to appeal Shuttleworth's billions.

Do you want to become a space tourist like Mark Shuttleworth?

Russia is planning to restart its space tourist flights to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2018.

Mark Shuttleworth donates entire R250m Reserve Bank win to defend SA constitution

Entrepreneur to create fund to help underprivileged bring cases against the state.

Reserve Bank ordered to pay back R250m to Mark Shuttleworth

SCA has now ruled that the Reserve Bank has to repay the R250 million to Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth wants his R250 million back from SARB

South African Reserve Bank slapped him with a R250 million levy – and now he wants his money back.

Shuttleworth says sorry for Tea Party and trademarks

Didn't mean to cause offence or send in the attack lawyers, apparently.

Shuttleworth explains why the “Constitutional Court profoundly failed” in its judgement

After the Constitutional Court judgement, Mark Shuttleworth told us just how disappointed he was, and why.

Shuttleworth: “Apple’s position is entirely correct”

Canonical founder and Ubuntu creator Mark Shuttleworth weighs in on the battle between Apple and the FBI.

Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu smartphone-PC hybrid is back

The Linux powered smartphone that turns into a PC is back on the cards.

Applications now open for Shuttleworth Foundation “innovators for social change” grant

Have an idea for a project that could change the world? Apply for the Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship.

No South African Communist Party, Shuttleworth’s R250-million trust is not “an act of hostility”

It would be easy to think that he would be relieved to finally get his last morsels out of the country

Ubuntu Edge funding reaches halfway mark for time, only has a quarter of required...

Has interest waned, or is Canonical just hedging its bets that a big backer will come along?

Shuttleworth shuffles the Ubuntu Edge pricing

Fixing the pricing problem that stalled the campaign.