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Government and Uber blamed for death of victim in fatal 2018 self driving incident

The National Transportation Safety Board in the US has issued recommendations to Uber and government to prevent such an incident from happening again.

Uber retrenches 350 employees across divisions in “final wave”

Employees from Eats, the firm's self-driving team, recruitment, marketing and more have been let go.

Uber reportedly testing ability for riders to record audio for their safety

The feature allows riders to record audio and sent it to Uber if they feel unsafe.

YouTubers discover why LGTBQI content is being demonetised on YouTube

YouTuber's Nerd City have discovered why LGBTQI creators are fighting a losing battle against demonetisation on YouTube

Uber has started rolling out its RideCheck safety feature in the US

Uber has said that it will bring the safety feature which can detect a crash to other countries soon.

Uber lays off 8 percent of staff in its product and engineering teams

This is the second round of lay-offs since Uber's IPO.

YouTube says it will not engage with the YouTubers Union

The platform has explained that it has no intentions of negotiating with the union.

YouTuber Stevie T set to play triangle (and bass) for Dragonforce

After jokingly accepting the role of triangle player, Stevie T has landed the dream job of playing bass for Dragonforce.

Study finds Uber and Lyft are actually adding to your traffic woes

Study finds that ride sharing services are adding to traffic and not exactly lessening it.

Uber lays off 400 workers in a bid to cut costs

Following a dismal public trading debut in May, Uber needs to cut jobs.

Uber VS Bolt VS Gautrain – What is the cheapest way to get to...

Sick of driving yourself to the airport? We compare pricing for trip on Bolt, Uber, Gautrain and take a look at shuttle services as well.

So Uber Eats Dine-In is a thing in the US

As the name suggests, Uber Eats Dine-In lets you pre-order food before you get to the restaurant.

Fortnite liberally ‘borrowed’ a new emote from YouTuber jacksfilms

It sure does appear that Fortnite has once again lifted other people's work.