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120K free Uber trips for frontline workers in Africa & the Middle East

Mastercard and Uber will be working together to help those fighting COVID-19.

California says Uber and Lyft drivers are indeed employees under gig worker law

As part of its gig worker law, California rules that Uber and Lyft drivers are indeed employees and not contractors.

Uber Cash launched locally to make contactless payments easier for Rides and Eats

Uber Cash has rolled out in South Africa, offering users a platform to load funds and pay digitally.

Getting alcohol through Uber Eats? Remember to stay sober

Uber Eats has two rules for alcohol delivery: have an ID to confirm your age, and you must be sober.

Uber launches Mask Verification next week for drivers and couriers

Uber will use technology to make sure drivers and couriers are wearing masks.

Game is the latest store to partner with Uber Eats in South Africa

Popular local store Game will now be delivering certain goods through the Uber Eats app.

Uber Eats up, but Rides down in rocky Q1 for the company

Uber posted a net loss of $2.9 billion in its latest quarterly report.

Uber Eats will now deliver Exclusive Books orders in SA under lockdown

Betraying its name Uber Eats will now delivery literature from Exclusive Books.

Uber Eats makes sending food to others available locally on its app

You can now send food to others using Uber Eats.

Uber Eats is leaving seven markets and the pandemic isn’t the reason

Uber Eats cites a long term strategy to invest more in its popular markets and exit unpopular ones as its reason for departure.

Uber is developing a way to tell if drivers are wearing masks

The firm appears to be retasking its Real Time ID-check to verify drivers are using masks.

Uber Direct spins up locally with view to assist with last-mile delivery

With two new services being launched recently, Uber Direct is being made available to South Africans.

How Uber Eats is assisting drivers delivering essentials during lockdown

Having recently become an essential goods provider, Uber Eats unpacks the measures it has in place for drivers during SA's lockdown.