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YouTubers discover why LGTBQI content is being demonetised on YouTube

YouTuber's Nerd City have discovered why LGBTQI creators are fighting a losing battle against demonetisation on YouTube

YouTube won’t be policing politicians on its platform either

YouTube has adopted a similar tack to Facebook when it comes to what politicians can say on its platform.

AI voice YouTube channel replicates Severus Snape in newest video

If you've missed Severus Snape, AI has brought him back for 30 seconds.

Apple will break from tradition and stream its iPhone event on YouTube

It appears that the availability of HLS technology from YouTube has tempted Apple to host its live stream there.

Cobra Kai – the best YouTube show – goes free to watch today

The premise of Cobra Kai may be silly, but it's a great show you can now watch for nothing.

YouTube says it will not engage with the YouTubers Union

The platform has explained that it has no intentions of negotiating with the union.

YouTube removes 210 channels spreading disinformation about Hong Kong protests

YouTube takes a similar approach to Twitter and Facebook.

YouTube to stop targeted ads aimed at children on its platform

A move the company is making in order to comply with the FTC.

New student plans introduced for YouTube Music Premium & YouTube Premium

The new prices are available to eligible South African university students.

YouTuber Stevie T set to play triangle (and bass) for Dragonforce

After jokingly accepting the role of triangle player, Stevie T has landed the dream job of playing bass for Dragonforce.

YouTube CEO says it “does not automatically demonetise LGBTQ content”

Susan Wojcicki addresses growing concerns for YouTube's LGBTQ creator community.

Netflix and YouTube streaming on the way for Tesla cars

Elon Musk confirms the upcoming functionality, but not a precise date of availability.

YouTube adding Channel Membership levels to help creators with revenue

Creators will be able to have up to five tiers, each with its own perks and unique content available to members.