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YouTube adding Channel Membership levels to help creators with revenue

Creators will be able to have up to five tiers, each with its own perks and unique content available to members.

Fortnite liberally ‘borrowed’ a new emote from YouTuber jacksfilms

It sure does appear that Fortnite has once again lifted other people's work.

YouTube looking at its harassment policies… again

The platform cites growing public pressure for the latest review of their harassment policies.

YouTuber reviews God Hand, spends a thousand dollars on porn

Did you feel like God Hand didn't have enough hentai made for it? One brave man is fixing that.

YouTube Music for Android adds ability to play locally stored songs

This latest addition could make the YouTube offering far more tempting.

Google reviewed one million-plus suspected terrorist videos on YouTube this year alone

The video platform has been manually reviewing a lot of content lately, but is that enough?

Missed Star Wars Celebration 2019? Most of it is on YouTube

A whopping 26 hours of Star Wars Celebration is now on YouTube.

YouTube adds custom control over playback speed

ever wanted to watch a YouTube video at 1.45 speed?

YouTube wants to make original choose your own adventure content

They appear to be taking a cue from Netflix's recent projects.

FPB Amendment Bill – What it means for streamers and YouTubers according to the...

The FPB amendment bill appears to target private citizens uploading content online. We asked the FPB whether your cat videos will be regulated under the new laws. The short answer is no.
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The annual Loerie Awards will introduce a YouTube category this year

Creators of YouTube adverts will finally be able to have their work recognised at the Loeries.

YouTube Music has been officially launched in South Africa

Don't have enough choice when it comes to music streaming? Well now YouTube Music has entered the fray as well.

The “A Stable Genius” YouTube channel moves on to Hillary Clinton

A channel using speech synthesising and AI modelling moves on to its next political figure to lampoon.