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myWingman is a DIY system that lets you control a drone with gestures

Moving a drone with a flick of the wrist, what could be better?

Play retro Nokia Snake on Arduino

Another Arduino project with a single use.
Evil Fruit Bowl Arduino Prank header image

Booby trap the office kitchen with an Arduino and some fruit

An Arduino may not be part of your recommended daily intake, but it's good for a prank.

Prank your friends this Arduino Day to win prizes

Celebrate Arduino Day by messing with friends and family, and being rewarded for it.

How to make an Arduino air gate for drone racing

An Arduino makes the perfect base for a drone racing essential.

The “Giftduino” is an overengineered Arduino Gift Box, and we really hope someone gives...

Got a spare Arduino on your hands and some spare time? Want to make a gag gift? Look this way.

How to make an Arduino Nespresso capsule detector

If you have an Arduino and too much coffee, we have the project for you.