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Facebook refunding advertisers following another reporting error

The ad reporting from Facebook has been a little hit or miss in recent years, and the latest one sees it refunding millions to advertisers as a result.

UK task team to tackle Google and Facebook’s dominance of advertising market

In the UK, Google and Facebook drew in 80 percent of a £14 billion spend on digital advertising in 2019.

Facebook says political content only makes up 6% of what users actually see

According to CrowdTangle, an analytics tool that Facebook owns, political content on the platform only makes up a small percentage of what users see.

Facebook will use these sources to notify its users about the US election winner

Seeing Facebook playing an active role in protecting the integrity of the elections is great, now if YouTube could just take the same approach.

Facebook has new tools at the ready for any unrest during US elections

With the US presidential elections starting in earnest next week, Facebook has confirmed that it has a number of tools in place to fight misinformation.

Facebook has blocked over 2 million ads that looked to obstruct US voting

With the US elections drawing ever closer, Facebook is showing off how its guarding the gates.

Facebook and Twitter have announced bans on Holocaust denial posts

This week both Twitter and Facebook have taken a stand against Holocaust denial.

Saldanha Bay launches free public WiFi hotspots with help from Cell C and Facebook

Cell C hopes to add another 300 hotspots by the end of 2020.

QAnon is no longer welcome on Facebook or Instagram

Facebook expects QAnon groups to try to circumvent the ban in the coming weeks.

Facebook recently took down fake accounts originating from Russia

The fake accounts are said to have posed as journalists, having amassed 59 000 followers on Facebook and 2 000 followers on Instagram.

Facebook opening new offices in Lagos, expected to open in 2021

The new offices in Lagos, Nigeria are expected to open during the first half of 2021, as Facebook looks to increase its presence in the region.

Facebook wants you to strap your office to your head with the VR Infinite...

Facebook's Oculus debuted a new type of office experience though we don't expect it to catch on.

Reports say Facebook could face antitrust lawsuit from FTC by year’s end

The ongoing investigation by the FTC into Facebook could finally see action in the form of an antitrust lawsuit before the end of 2020, reports suggest.