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3D Printing adds thumbsticks to the HTC Vive controllers

A bit of tactile feedback for the HTC Vive.

Store and charge your HTC Vive with this 3D printed wall mount

Love your Vive but not all the mess it comes with?
Rick and Morty 3D Printed HTC Vive Portal Gun Header Imaget

Turn the HTC Vive controller into the portal gun from Rick and Morty

Another Rick and Morty 3D print, this time for VR.

You can now special order the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive from Raru

A beastly PC is not included in the price tags of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Björk and HTC Vive partner for world’s first VR album

Now, you can experience the caterwauling of Björk in VR!
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I almost threw up using HTC’s VR device Vive, and it was awesome

The HTC Vive demo one of the best experiences of VR I've had - then it became the most stomach-churning.

HTC announces Vive price, here’s what you could get for the same money

At over R12 000, you might need to save a bit more money if you want an HTC Vive.

HTC reveals Vive Pre equipped with a camera

While its nothing new, the fact that the HTC Vive will have a fron-facing camera is nothing to snort at either.

[MWC2015] HTC is making Valve’s Steam VR kit. And it’s called the Vive

Unexpected announcement kicks off this year's Mobile World Congress

Crotch-mounted Vive Tracker is perfect for… a virtual reality wasp

See what one game developer does with with some spare Vive hardware.

HTC announces 1 500 employee layoff to help boost profit

The company's Taiwanese factories will bear the brunt of the losses.

Rift & Vive users both get 3D printed Darth Maul grips for Beat Saber

Beat Saber seems to be the VR game to play right now, and a trio of prints can make it that much better.

HTC’s mobile VR headset won’t be something you slot a phone into

HTC hopes to find the middle ground between big beefy headsets like the Vive and the cheap as chips Google Cardboard.