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No more loadshedding this week says Eskom

Eskom says it has 34 000MW of available capacity and as such loadshedding has been suspended for the rest of the week.

Stage 1 and 2 loadshedding planned for Thursday

Stage 1 loadshedding starts at 09:00 before shifting to Stage 2 at 14:00.

Eskom will shift to Stage 2 loadshedding at 14:00 today

Eskom says that demand is 2 000MW higher than it was on Tuesday.

Stage 1 loadshedding will start at 09:00 on Wednesday

South Africans are expected to face Stage 1 loadshedding until 22:00 on Wednesday evening.

Another day of Stage 2 loadshedding expected on Tuesday

Stage 2 loadshedding starts at 09:00 but Eskom has not announced how long the festivities will last for.

The week kicks off with Stage 2 loadshedding at 09:00

Loadshedding will be implemented to "replenish the emergency generation reserves to better prepare for the week" says Eskom.

Stage 2 loadshedding continues at 09:00 on Saturday morning

Eskom has managed to reduce plant breakdowns to 2 350MW but loadshedding remains in place to recuperate reserves.

Stage 2 loadshedding hits South Africa at 12:00 on Friday

Loadshedding will run through until 22:00 on Friday thanks to the loss of 3 000MW of generation capacity.

Another 2600MW taken offline means possibility of loadshedding has increased

There are a total of five generation units offline as of Friday morning.

“High probability of loadshedding” this afternoon says Eskom spokesperson

An Eskom spokesperson has said there is a high probability of loadshedding being implemented between 17:00 and 21:00 starting from today.

Eskom says likelihood of loadshedding in winter is reduced

Demand has dropped by an average of 7 500MW since lockdown started largely due to major industries being closed.

Stage 4 loadshedding to continue until further notice

Eskom says that Koeberg Unit 1 should be repaired by the weekend and expects loadshedding at Stage 4 to continue for the foreseeable future.

South Africa goes back to Stage 4 loadshedding at 9AM

Following a night of Stage 2 loadshedding, power cuts ramp up from 09:00.