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The risk of loadshedding will increase if the economy grows – Eskom

According to an Eskom board member we have a choice - prosper, or have power.

Eskom says it expects no loadshedding during winter

Eskom says it implemented new tariffs this winter, and they don't expect any loadshedding.

Eskom warns there is a high risk of loadshedding from 5pm on Thursday

Eskom says there is a high risk of Stage 1 loadshedding but it will only be implemented if absolutely necessary.

Why Stage 4 loadshedding happened and how Eskom hopes to keep the lights on...

Eskom has given South Africans a ray of hope regarding the power situation.

Eskom anticipates there will be no loadshedding this week

The electricity grid is somewhat stable this week so Eskom doesn't anticipate needing to cut the power to most of South Africa for hours at a time.

Loadshedding above Stage 2 unlikely for the weekend says Eskom

It seems as if loadshedding will stay with South Africa through the weekend though it won't be as aggressive as the last week has been.

Eskom downgrades loadshedding to Stage 2 for Friday

Loadshedding gets a slight downgrade ahead of the weekend.

Eskom continues with Stage 4 loadshedding on Human Rights Day

Not the best way to be spending a public holiday.

htxt.africast – Loadshedding, Huawei Mate X and Google Stadia

If you have the electricity for it, come listen to the latest africast video.

Eskom says it has no intention of implementing Stage 5 and 6 loadshedding, yet

Eskom was simply showing the public that it is prepared for further loadshedding should the situation become more dire.

Stage 4 loadshedding commences at 09:00 on Wednesday

Loadshedding has become a permanent fixture in the lives of South Africans this week.

Eskom is reportedly preparing for Stage 5 and Stage 6 loadshedding

The troubles at Eskom are growing worse by the day.

Tuesday marks a fourth day of Stage 4 loadshedding

Eskom's maintenance teams continue to work to bring generating capacity back to the grid.