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Creating a library of banned news in Minecraft is utter genius

Reporters Without Borders is flaunting censorship laws by placing banned news onto a Minecraft server for anybody to access.

Minecraft Earth now available in nine countries on iOS and Android

Key regions like the US not in the mix for now, with South Africa missing too.

Minecraft has racked up 112 million active players a month

The franchise has been quietly amassing players over the past decade.

Closed beta for Minecraft Earth on Android launches in five cities

It's invite-only and no South African cities are listed.

Microsoft and Nvidia partner on ray tracing for Minecraft

If you have an Nvidia RTX graphics card in your desktop gaming setup, ray tracing will arrive for Minecraft via a free update.

A Minecraft Earth beta is coming to iOS later this month

The closed beta is landing later this month, but no precise date is known yet.

Minecraft creator seemingly not invited to anniversary event

Slurs, transphobia and QAnon support mean that Notch isn't invited to the 10th anniversary of the game he helped create.

Minecraft update cements Microsoft and Nintendo friendship

Cross-play between the Switch, Xbox, PC and smartphones is now enabled. Spot the platform that hasn't allowed it.

Files to 3D print your own articulated Minecraft character

Minecraft is all about making things yourself, so here's a helping hand.

How one man is recreating Pokémon Red inside of Minecraft

Using one game to make another game is quite the feat, meet the man doing it.
Minecraft Movie Release Date Announced

Minecraft movie has a release date

Mojang announces that Minecraft: The Movie will be out in 2019. Yes, nearly three years from now.

Lego Worlds preview – Lego’s take on Minecraft

Why yes, that is us, dressed as a wizard while riding a crocodile. Why yes, this is an awesome game.

Want to play Minecraft on HoloLens? You are going to have to wait

A consumer model of Microsoft's AR platform won't be made available to the public for at least two years.