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How to watch the SATNAC 2019 live stream

The live stream is available to the public to watch.

5G and evolving telco requirements among topics at SATNAC 2019

Happening at the beginning of next month, SATNAC 2019 aims to shine a spotlight on 5G and what local telcos need to be aware of.

SATNAC 2019 to explore the changing telecommunications sector

This year's SATNAC is just around the corner.

htxt.africast – SATNAC and LEGO Ideas

If you're interested in telecoms or LEGO this africast is for you.

Summing up SATNAC – The bright future of Africa is inches away

The annual conference saw experts championing digital transformation and its benefits for South Africa and Africa at large.

What does it take to be a digital master in 2018 and the future?

Digital masters must remember the human element of technology in order to succeed.

Rip it up and start again – how communications providers will need to adapt...

We know the benefits of 5G but how will the technology change the companies that help us connect to the web?

South Africa’s unique challenges should guide its progress through ongoing tech revolution

If South Africa and Africa at large doesn't fundamentally shift how it works we risk falling behind as the world embarks on the fourth industrial revolution.
Google Glass

Lots of valuable lessons have been learnt from Google Glass

Google Glass might have failed, but that doesn't mean that the company won't bring it back as a wrist-worn device.

Internet of Things is a steam train, and you can’t stop it

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is our time to shine, as it is the fabric of the digital economy."

SA needs 5G connectivity as soon as possible

The mobile internet market is changing very quickly, and South Africa needs to urgently put the infrastructure in place for 5G mobile connectivity.

Do we really need to regulate the Internet of Things?

The debate of IoT regulation sparks a number of questions, and nobody really has the all the solutions just yet.

Minister Cwele wants to fast-track SA broadband

Minister Cwele reveals the government's Broadband War Room.