Eight of the best places to snap a #SpideySelfie in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now exclusively for PlayStation 4 and it has been received wonderfully by gamers around the world. The game sees you taking control of the wall-crawler in his hometown of New York City. You’ll face iconic villians including Scorpion, Mr Negative and you’ll even bump into, well saying who would spoil the […]

Your six step guide to getting Showmax on your DStv Explora

Showmax is the perfect way to enjoy your movies wherever you are. On a plane? Offline viewing let’s you download your favourite movies and series to watch them without a data connection. At the office and need to watch those five last minutes of Game of Thrones you missed last night? Showmax is accessible from […]

Always wanted to make your own game? Learn how with BitDegree

Making videogames has always had an air of mystery and difficulty surrounding it, especially in the early days when only veterans could make them thanks to their mastery over the existing software and intimate knowledge of the hardware these games would run on. Thankfully we’ve come a long way since then and anyone can learn […]

Africa’s Best Sports Betting App

It may be debated whether technology is slowly taking over the world but one thing’s for sure, its advancement over the last few decades has made major improvements in society and how we live our daily lives.  Mobile applications like the Betway Sports Betting app is definitely evidence of how technology has brought entertainment right […]

MSI marries gaming and style in latest GS series

Gaming notebooks have become rather similar in appearance in recent years. Sharp angles are accented by red lighting and keyboards are bedecked in RGB lighting that pulses or breathes. MSI’s latest notebook in its GS Series, the GS65 is a gaming notebook but it oozes style and opulence at every corner but still housing the […]

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A – a little something for everyone

While smartphone screens are becoming bigger and bigger, nothing beats sitting back and relaxing with a sizeable tablet in your hands. If you want to catch up on your missed music, videos and movies after work or school, or you want to give it to the little ones to enjoy, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A […]

Four reasons you’ll fall in love with the Samsung Galaxy J4

Each year the world waits in anticipation for the latest and greatest smartphones to be released. New cutting edge features are announced along with improvements to hardware but one thing always remains true – premium smartphones are very pricey.  True, many South Africans buy smartphones on a contract basis so rather than part with R15 […]

E3 Announced Games: System Requirements

E3 2018 has been a success and gamers from all over the world rejoiced. It’s as if every page turned is a teaser and it leaves everyone nothing but excitement. A lot of new games were revealed and the crowd went wild – even if the teaser was just the title. It’s just hard to […]

MSI leverages its relationships with gamers to bring you the best gaming technology

By the end of 2018 research group NewZoo predicts the esports economy will grow 38 percent year-on-year to be worth $905 million. The biggest chunk of that figure is said to come from sponsorship and investments which will reportedly generate $694 million throughout the year. Esports teams depend heavily on sponsorship deals to secure gear, […]

Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 with DeX is great for mobile business

Growing up in the nineties meant promises of the future were everywhere. Flying cars were to be a certainty by the year 2000; food in the form of nutritional capsules would be commonplace; and computers would be so small they could fit in the palm of your hand. Waking up in 2018 might disappoint even […]

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac – The comprehensive features

Of late, screen recording has gained momentum in recent years. Having the ability to record videos from your computer screen can actually be bliss, but there’s more to it. You could save those webinar videos, online streaming videos and also record your Skype calls so that you can listen to the voice of your loved […]

ASUS monitors: Hours of work with none of the strain

If you’re working from home or in your office, chances are you’re pouring hour after hour into projects trying to meet deadlines and keep everything running smoothly. What most people don’t consider is the strain this places on one’s eyes, and the potential headaches and fatigue this can result in. When taking a break from […]

Five parent-approved shows for kids

Many parents will know the frustration of weekend engagements with their children. There are so many locations that just don’t have the facilities to keep children occupied – and giving them a tablet or phone to play games on feels a little like a cheat. So why not use Showmax to download programmes that will […]

What VPN Service Can Offer

In the age of major cyber attacks, people learnt to value their security online. Today, people regularly use Virtual Private Networks to ensure security of personal details in the web. However, it is not the only advantage that VPN use gives you. Many platforms offer VPN software for certain cost. However, there appeared platforms that […]

Seven films to watch on Showmax this March

March sees some excellent films land on Showmax – perfect for a night in or a movie marathon session at the weekend on the couch. Here are just a handful of them guaranteed to entertain subscribers. Jack Reacher When the police arrest lone sniper James Barr for gunning down five people, they think they have […]

Brand new shows on Showmax this month Part 2

This month Showmax has some decidedly tasty new additions to its ever-growing catalogue of shows. Whether you’re in the mood for drama, comedy, thrillers, or something in between, February’s new additions will fit the bill. Killjoys If you’re one of the many folk who have missed the sci-fi shenanigans from the ne’er-do-wells in Firefly, Killjoys […]

The five most binge-watched shows on Showmax

Wondering what South Africans are addicted to on Showmax? We got a sneak peek into some of the most binge-watched shows over the last few months. It’s an interesting bunch, from HBO’s award-winning Big Little Lies to Showmax’s First Original, Tali’s Wedding Diary, and there’s comedy, drama and home-grown classics in the mix. Big Little […]