ASUS monitors: Hours of work with none of the strain

If you’re working from home or in your office, chances are you’re pouring hour after hour into projects trying to meet deadlines and keep everything running smoothly. What most people don’t consider is the strain this places on one’s eyes, and the potential headaches and fatigue this can result in. When taking a break from […]

Marvel’s Runaways and 4 more new series to binge on Showmax

As April ushers in a chill in the air, Showmax is bringing a boatload of new content to its customers. Here are some of the best new series you can watch on Showmax right now. Marvel’s Runaways S1 It seems one can’t escape the reach of the mighty Marvel universe and with this first on […]

Five parent-approved shows for kids

Many parents will know the frustration of weekend engagements with their children. There are so many locations that just don’t have the facilities to keep children occupied – and giving them a tablet or phone to play games on feels a little like a cheat. So why not use Showmax to download programmes that will […]

What VPN Service Can Offer

In the age of major cyber attacks, people learnt to value their security online. Today, people regularly use Virtual Private Networks to ensure security of personal details in the web. However, it is not the only advantage that VPN use gives you. Many platforms offer VPN software for certain cost. However, there appeared platforms that […]

Seven films to watch on Showmax this March

March sees some excellent films land on Showmax – perfect for a night in or a movie marathon session at the weekend on the couch. Here are just a handful of them guaranteed to entertain subscribers. Jack Reacher When the police arrest lone sniper James Barr for gunning down five people, they think they have […]

5 fresh series to watch on Showmax in March

Here are just 5 of the 14 series that were added to Showmax this month, including the dark comedy SMILF that comes first and only to Showmax, and the full boxset of HBO’s The Wire. Imposters S1 Imagine you’re married to the love of your life. Returning from your honeymoon you settle into life with […]

Brand new shows on Showmax in February Part 1

This month Showmax has some decidedly tasty new additions to its ever-growing catalogue of shows. Whether you’re in the mood for drama, comedy, thrillers, or something in between, February’s new additions will fit the bill. American Crime, S1-S2 The first two seasons of American Crime are a must for viewers who want their crime procedurals […]

Brand new shows on Showmax this month Part 2

This month Showmax has some decidedly tasty new additions to its ever-growing catalogue of shows. Whether you’re in the mood for drama, comedy, thrillers, or something in between, February’s new additions will fit the bill. Killjoys If you’re one of the many folk who have missed the sci-fi shenanigans from the ne’er-do-wells in Firefly, Killjoys […]

The five most binge-watched shows on Showmax

Wondering what South Africans are addicted to on Showmax? We got a sneak peek into some of the most binge-watched shows over the last few months. It’s an interesting bunch, from HBO’s award-winning Big Little Lies to Showmax’s First Original, Tali’s Wedding Diary, and there’s comedy, drama and home-grown classics in the mix. Big Little […]

Wait less and do more with Intel Optane SSDs

Solid state drives (SSDs) are an essential component of any computer system today, because their memory chips are just so much faster than the spinning metal discs of the still current mechanical drives (HDDs). Ridiculously so, in fact: with entry-level SSDs sporting read and write speeds over five times faster than even the fastest mechanical […]

Five of the best documentaries on Showmax right now

1. The Emperor’s New Clothes Comedian Russel Brand and documentary maker Michael Winterbottom join forces to take a hard, unblinking look at the ever-growing gap between the haves and the have-nots. Beginning with a dissection of how the banking industry tanked world economies and then relied on governments to force tax-paying citizens to bail them […]

Rugged smartphones and tablets: Built for life on the move

Our obsession with making smart devices as thin and lightweight as possible has had the unnerving consequence of making many of our high-tech gadgets rather fragile. While many users are rather careful when using their smartphones, accidents do happen, especially in more robust environments, leaving one with the bitter pill of high repair costs – […]

Five reasons to buy a PS4 this Christmas

If there’s one thing the Festive Season can be counted upon, it’s to breathe new life into the console wars. This year, Sony has stepped forward with some amazing deals, making a convincing argument as to why, if you haven’t already, the PlayStation 4 is probably the console most suited to appear under your Christmas […]

Samsung – Empowering the Mobile Workforce

The mobile worker is no longer the fantasy of 1990s office workers who hated sitting at their cubicle desks for eight hours a day: it’s a reality, made possible by some of the most amazing technology to have ever been developed. Just a few years ago, being a mobile worker became a reality thanks to […]

Play a game in your browser to win R1m in Bitcoin from King Price Insurance

South Africa recently had a wake-up call in the cyber security world as the personal details of millions of residents where leaked in one of the biggest events of its kind in the world. A little more than a month later and many people have already forgotten about the event or never heard of it […]

Equip your business with the most secure multi-function printers

Running a business in this modern era means taking into account that cybercriminals could, at some point, target your business’s IT infrastructure for their own gain. Common sense dictates that every end-point in your business should therefore be protected – including your printers. These days a printer contains a CPU, memory, storage capacity, and connectivity […]

Sizzling shows on Showmax this November

As the silly season approaches, the need to save money ahead of the Christmas Rush rears its head. Before presents are bought, holiday bags are packed and general madness ensues, it may be a great idea to use November for some downtime – and if you can save a buck or two so much the […]