Rugged smartphones and tablets: Built for life on the move

Our obsession with making smart devices as thin and lightweight as possible has had the unnerving consequence of making many of our high-tech gadgets rather fragile. While many users are rather careful when using their smartphones, accidents do happen, especially in more robust environments, leaving one with the bitter pill of high repair costs – […]

New Wifi Vulnerabilities Discovered

In October 2017, researcher Mathy Vanhoef found fundamental design flaws in WPA2, a standard Wifi encryption protocol. The flaw could lead to penetration of wireless networks and an attacker wouldn’t even need to know your password. Named ‘Krack’, this technique can be used by attackers to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting wireless users. Based on […]

Small, sleek and versatile – the ASUS VivoMini UN45 Mini PC

The VivoMini UN45 mini PC from ASUS is an excellent example of a versatile barebones PC packed into an impressively small and affordable package. The main benefits of its design are its compact size, low cost, low power consumption, silent operation, and low cost. It’s also quite a looker, sporting the gorgeous Zen-inspired concentric circle/brushed […]

Five things to look at when buying your first laptop

At first glance buying a notebook can be a daunting experience. While the enthusiasts love nothing more than talking about gigahertz and storage and resolutions, many folks really just want to know whether the notebook they’re about to spend oodles of money on is the right one for them. With that in mind here are […]

Neutralise home network attacks and risks with your router

We are all becoming more aware of hackers being able to access and share people’s private photos/videos/work data as well as financial information, and how having your precious information stolen can cost you dearly in monetary and reputation terms, or in the case of social media impersonations, outright embarrassment. During your day-to-day browsing, you might […]

How much data do you need for ShowMax?

Fibre to the home, LTE, 3G, ADSL, VDSL, tin cans and string: the number of ways you can get connected to the internet is increasing fast and, as a result, getting more confusing. Yet all this choice leads to one practical question: is my broadband connection good enough to stream video using services like ShowMax? […]

Hydrogen-powered LEGO and African robots: Don’t miss SA’s most innovative students at the Shell Eco-marathon this weekend

What do CO2-powered drag racers, hydrogen fuel cells, long distance driving and LEGO have in common? They’ll all be inspiring creative students to solve energy use challenges at Zwartkops Raceway this weekend, as the Shell Eco-marathon returns to South Africa for its third year. Shell Eco-marathon is a series of global competition that scours the […]

Looking for the phone that takes the best photos?

There’s a photographer’s maxim which is frustrating to a certain type of gadget lover: “The best camera you own is the one you have with you”. What it means is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve spent tens of thousands of rand on an SLR camera: if you’re not carrying it on your person when […]

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