Samsung – Empowering the Mobile Workforce

The mobile worker is no longer the fantasy of 1990s office workers who hated sitting at their cubicle desks for eight hours a day: it’s a reality, made possible by some of the most amazing technology to have ever been developed. Just a few years ago, being a mobile worker became a reality thanks to […]

Equip your business with the most secure multi-function printers

Running a business in this modern era means taking into account that cybercriminals could, at some point, target your business’s IT infrastructure for their own gain. Common sense dictates that every end-point in your business should therefore be protected – including your printers. These days a printer contains a CPU, memory, storage capacity, and connectivity […]

Sizzling shows on Showmax this November

As the silly season approaches, the need to save money ahead of the Christmas Rush rears its head. Before presents are bought, holiday bags are packed and general madness ensues, it may be a great idea to use November for some downtime – and if you can save a buck or two so much the […]

Take your internet from slow to pro with an ASUS router

You’re moments away from securing the last kill your team needs to take a much needed win for the night and then suddenly your communications drop and you’re staring at the message – “attempting to reconnect”.  Your phone pings and you realise it’s not your ISP but your router letting you down once again. This […]

First on Showmax

From Mr Robot to The Young Pope to Taboo, Showmax offers subscribers premium content that can’t be found anywhere else. Here are some of the shows that can only be seen on Showmax: Mr. Robot, Season 3 One of the most critically acclaimed US TV shows will see its third season premiere on Showmax only, […]

Eight reasons DStv Premium customers should get Showmax

The announcement earlier this month that Showmax Premium subscribers now get Showmax at no additional cost is good news for consumers. The streaming service gives users instant access to a jam-packed catalogue of movies, series, kids’ shows and more – featuring the best of HBO, the entire series of Game of Thrones, Disney shows for […]


Secure your business for the future with SonicWall

IDC predicts that SMMEs will, in their first five to seven years of business experience a security incident of some kind. Recently WannaCryptor (known more widely as WannaCry) spread through the internet indiscriminatly encrypting any PC that was vulnerable, from individual devices through to large business infrastructures. Securing your SMME business from cyber-threats has traditionally […]

ASUS ROG GR8 II Gaming Rig – Perfectly presented pixel power

Just a few years ago, it was unthinkable to expect big-name PC companies to understand exactly what gamers want from their PCs, and deliver those expectations in product form. But times have changed, and today, we have companies like ASUS putting out dedicated gaming PCs that not only meet gamers’ expectations, but surpass them. Great […]

Dive into your games with this curvy Full HD ASUS monitor

You might think that curved screens and high refresh rates are the reserve of expensive high-end monitors, and until recently you’d have been right. Thankfully, as technology progresses, high-end features inevitably trickle down to more affordable monitors. These lower-cost screens are perfect for gamers with more modest budgets who can’t splurge on the best gaming […]

Gaming on the go, without the massive cost

The days of the super-expensive gaming laptop are over: Dell’s 15.6-inch Firelord 7567 offers excellent gaming capabilities with hardware usually reserved for far more expensive machines. Depending on how you want to spec it, you’re looking at recommended retail pricing that’s between R17 999 and R26 999. Dell has built on the solid foundation of […]

How to reduce your phone bill with a dual SIM handset

Dual SIM smartphones have become something of a staple on local shores and while the technology seems simple enough many people don’t understand what the benefits of having two SIM cards to call upon are. The most obvious benefit of having two SIM cards is so that you have more control over how you spend […]

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