[OPINION] Subscription-based game services, yea or nay?

While news of an increasing number of subscription-based services that grant gamers access to games on the cheap is good in a way, it also raises a lot of questions about game ownership in the future. While it makes sense that publishers offer such programmes – they stand to make more money in the long-term and gamers […]

SANRAL’s destructive strategy shrouded in secrecy

SANRAL’s latest strategy just fuels the public’s distrust and seems to have been developed by people who are determined to alienate the public as much as possible. The Times has an article titled “Sanral can’t honestly hope to keep public in dark” which begins with this: According to Business Day, the application for secrecy on […]

The (offbeat) future of wearables

Today’s ‘wearable technologies’ tend to be dominated by smart watches, smart glasses and other sensor-driven companion devices that use telemetry to inform their users of overall health, activity level and their movements over the space of a day, and furnish them with useful information from the cloud. Popular opinion however is that there’s just too little differentiation in the devices the market […]

Nothing is impossible, says Eyewriter inventor Mike Ebeling

If you’ve ever needed the inspiration to start doing things that benefit the host of people that face more pressing problems than slow internet connectivity or slow traffic on the N1 highway, Mick Ebeling, the founder of the Not Impossible Foundation is the person to provide that inspiration. He’s the guy behind one of Time Magazine’s best innovations of […]

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