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Microsoft to buy Nokia’s phone division for $7.2bn

Nokia becomes the official Windows Phone.

Phablet sales as high as tablets and laptops combined

Big screens make for big sales, in Asia at least.

LG announces the G Pad 8.3 Tablet [UPDATE] Not for SA, yet

LG jumps into the tablet battle... again.

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Qualcomm says $50-$70 Android phones are on their way

Cheap handsets will be much better than you think, too.

German drone delivers defibrillator

The good kinda drone strike, we think.

Samsung’s Smart Trainer app can help you be a better athlete

South Africa's finest athletes share their training tips with you through the magic of technology.

Reviewed: Canon Powershot N

A compact camera that boasts a little bit of that Instagram magic.

Low-cost iPhone 5C to resist damage from commonly-carried pocket items

Apple might be using plastic, but apparently it's strong plastic.

Camera buyer’s guide – Part 1: Cheapies, toughies, zoomies, and more

The first part of our guide for helping you choose the best camera for your needs, covering entry level cameras, powerful compacts, megazoom monsters, and toughened-up snappers.

Hands on with the Vodafone Smart Mini

The budget Android handset for the masses.

Huawei Ascend P6 review

Is this the best smartphone available in SA?

Hands-on: iON action camera range

Another player in the crowded action-camera market, but this one has a few tricks up its sleeve.