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Crazy domain campers hold trademarked Hyundai names hostage

Domain campers hope for a big pay day, yet the Hyundai isn't interested.

Google rumoured to be making a console to combat Apple

Sony and Microsoft may not be in a console war alone for much longer.

Win a BlackBerry Z10!

Enter our one month-day compo just by telling us what you think.

Making Xbox Live Arcade games now more affordable for local devs

Microsoft has stopped charging developers a fee to patch their Xbox Live Arcade games.

Windows 8.1 preview patch is 2.44GB

Welcome back Start button, goodbye bandwidth.

How to set-up up two-factor authentication

Stop the hack in its tracks.

5 Google Alternatives

Looking for a search engine that won't sell your browsing history for profit?

Steam planning to let users share their digital games

Confused Microsoft execs are waiting for PC users to revolt.

Cheaper Windows devices will come with Windows 8.1

Microsoft SA boss says cheaper devices and new form factors designed for African markets are on their way.

Break Windows, get reward

Hackers to be rewarded with cash for trashing Windows 8.1.

5 steps for dodging online spies

Handy tips for securing your comms and dodging big brother.

Qualcomm’s blazing fast Snapdragon 800 SoC

And what devices you're going to want to wait around to see it in.

Windows 8.1 preview update need-to-know

A few things to keep in mind about the June 26 Windows 8.1 update preview.