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5 steps for dodging online spies

Handy tips for securing your comms and dodging big brother.

Qualcomm’s blazing fast Snapdragon 800 SoC

And what devices you're going to want to wait around to see it in.

Windows 8.1 preview update need-to-know

A few things to keep in mind about the June 26 Windows 8.1 update preview.

Free Xbox 360 games for South Africans

Free games! Get your free games while stocks last!

Office for the iPhone is here!

With a catch of course.

That R140m Free State site in full

Original tender docs published by ITWeb.

Buy Windows apps with your Vodacom account

Nokia and Vodacom make it easier to spend with Microsoft.

UPDATE: Google/everyone asks spooks for permission to be transparent

An open letter from the lawyers to clear the search engine's name

E3 Day 1: Game trailer blowout

All the visually most stunning games from E3, so far.

PlayStation Eye is a $59 accessory

Sony's all-seeing eye will cost you a little extra, it turns out.

PlayStation 4 has upgradeable hard drive, no region lock

The four stands for "four things the Xbox One cannot do".

Why the Xbox One will fail

In which we let the internet speak on our behalf.

This is the PlayStation 4

Cheaper, less restrictive, and just designed to make gamers happy.