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Listen to the ZA Tech Show episode 267

It's South Africa's best and most popular tech podcast.

Tesla toasts petrol stations with battery pack swaps

Now EVs are faster on the road and in the garage.

Forget the germs, how safe is your hospital from cyber threats?

As digital transformation grabs hold of every business, the healthcare sector should be cognisant of cyberthreats as well.

Like Far Cry 6, Cuphead on PlayStation may have been leaked by the store

Cuphead has appeared briefly on the PlayStation Store for some people.

SpaceX will launch its first crewed mission in April/May

The launch date is not set in stone due to a number of variables which could affect the launch date.

SpaceX reportedly raising $500 million in funding for Starlink satellite network

The plan is to launch 11 000 satellites as part of SpaceX's Starlink network.

Venom review: Joyless black goo

Just go watch Spider-Man 3 again.

OpenAI reveals the Dota 2 players its bot will play against

OpenAI is gearing up for The International 8 by holding a benchmark match against humans next month.

OpenAI’s Dota bot is ready to play a 5v5 match

Dota 2 - Now with more bots.

A glimpse of the future where 25 billion devices are connected

In the not-so-distant future, machines will adapt to human behaviour and become curious.

Inside Parkhurst’s off-grid power plan – pricing and details revealed

The Residents' Association wants to convert the whole suburb into an eco-friendly zone.

Leap Motion controller to hit local shelves, soon

The coolest little motion-controlled gadget you've ever seen will soon be available in local stores.