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Gates Foundation to give R500m to help fight Ebola

The funds will go towards further research, diagnosis and treatment of Ebola, among other things.

Facebook’s free access internet.org app to carry Ebola info

The zero-rated web access app launched by internet.org in Zambia back in July will soon be updated to carry an information service dedicated to...

Travellers can now view daily Ebola updates on this SA tourism map

Not sure which countries have a confirmed Ebola outbreak? This map will let you know.

[htxt.africast] South African domain names! iPhone as payment card! Gamers against ebola!

iPhone 6, gamers gaming for goodness and top-level domains are among the subjects of today's africast.

Gamers help out in the fight against ebola

By doing what they love, gamers are contributing to science and a better world for all.

[MAP MONDAY] Tracking the history of Ebola over 38 years

The reported incident of Ebola came from the central African country of Zaire.

Want to know more about Ebola? Then check this out

The deadly Ebola virus makes for some really interesting, if not frightening, reading

What is South Africa’s defence against the Ebola outbreak?

There actually isn't a lot we can do to stop the virus from entering the country.

[Press Release] Three outstanding African innovations walk away with Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA)...

The sixth edition of the coveted Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) (http://InnovationPrizeForAfrica.org) culminated with a bang as the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) (www.AfricanInnovation.org) awarded...

[Press Release] AIF announces the top 10 nominees for Innovation Prize for Africa 2017

The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) (www.AfricanInnovation.org) today announced the top 10 nominees who will be contending for the 2017 Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA)...

The Division’s Green Poison: fantasy disease or potential threat?

While Ubisoft's recreation of New York City is somewhat true to life, how realistic is a mutated smallpox spread via $20 bills?

Ok Google, what did South Africa search for this year?

South Africans used Google to find out about electricity woes, musicians and shrubs this year.

Hack data, win R50 000: It’s a great month to be a data nerd

From one awesome hack day to another, there's a lot of stuff going on.