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The latest Humble Book Bundle is filled with maker literature

Humble Bundle lets you pay whatever you like to get making.

2 000 hackers expected to descend on Durban for MakerCon this month

Cape Town and Joburg have had their share of maker faires; now it's Durban's turn.

MakerCon 2015: How crowdfunding is changing commerce

Tools such as Thundafund and Indiegogo are becoming vital to startups and small businesses.

Print your own head and work with leather for free this Friday at the...

You don't have a reason to not be out making this coming weekend.

MakerCon Cape Town: How making real things inspires kids to learn

Steve Sherman of Living Maths explains how the maker movement can breed more interest in Maths, Science and Engineering.

Here’s what to expect at the Maker Conference in Cape Town next week

SKA, LeFabashop, Google and more all coming to Cape Town.
A 3D printing demo at JoziHub

Makers! Show your stuff off at Open Design Festival in Cape Town

Two ways makers can get involved at South Africa's premier design and innovation event.

Help TinkerTainer raise funds for SA’s first kids’ robotics MakerSpace

TinkerTainer MakerSpace hubs will be a place where kids can hone their skills and talents and be groomed to become entrepreneurs, and it needs your help to get started.

Intel hunting for SA makers and coders to join Developer Zone

And it also has an interesting theory about the differences between Cape Town and Joburg too.

[htxt.africast] Should we make a cryptocurrency for makers?

Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and diy maker movement? A disruptive match made in heaven?

Maker money: How to fund a hardware project with cryptocurrency

Is bitcoin right for your business? Find out at this workshop on Wednesday.

Going up against drones with rubber bands and paper

Free flight models also got some love at Maker Faire Cape Town 2015.