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African students again miss out on the Google Science Fair global finals

The US, Canada, Taiwan and the UK are again represented, but where are kids from Africa?

MicroSD digital library brings internet education to millions of offline Africans

The eGranary Pocket Library hopes to reach and educate millions with little or no internet access in Africa.

[MWC15] “internet.org is not Facebook”: Zuckerberg makes overtures to African operators

Keynote speech at Mobile World directed at mobile operators bottom line.

How big data & “the crowd” is changing disaster relief: interview with a digital...

Author Patrick Meier tells htxt.africa how the power of the crowd has transformed disaster relief and humanitarian operations worldwide.

Why kids should learn to code for Christmas

Give a child a game and you'll entertain her for a day: teach her how to program one and you'll make them a millionaire.

What the world Googled in 2014

In 2014 we searched trillions of times. What do these searches say about us?

The biggest topics that got the world talking on Facebook

Ebola, the World Cup and eight other top ten global topics of 2014 on Facebook.

Opera wants to make buying data bundles simple

Do poor USSD menu layouts deter people from buying data bundles? Opera may have a way around that.

internet.org to launch free access in Kenya this week

Product lead Chris Daniels says free web services coming to Kenyan operators over the next few days.

mHealth in Africa: behind the scenes on Smart Health Pro

Lead developer explains how Smart Health Pro is working with health professionals to improve access to critical information and diagnostic tools for ebola, HIV and more.

healthsites.io wants to put every single clinic in the world on one map

Ambitious project wants to put healthcare on the map, literally, to help fight spread of diseases like ebola.

Zuckerberg’s internet.org launches in Tanzania

Facebook-led consortium brings free net access to 7 million Tigo subscribers.

Fighting malaria in Africa gets a tech boost

SAP has pledged $4 million over the next four years to the Global Fund to fight malaria