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Telkom announces uncapped ADSL add-ons for gamers and movie fans

Uncapped data for those who use their ADSL lines for gaming and movies.

Vodacom enters into negotiations to buy Neotel

Vodatel? Neocom? Seriously?

Samsung in trouble over storage space claims

ASA rules against smartphone that used three quarters of advertised space for OS.

Telkom to double ADSL speeds for all

Wider tubes means no more superslow internet for you.

If you want to make money in South Africa, make a game

pwc says that videogames will be worth more than films to SA economy by 2017 and government should be supporting our developers.

4 ways to save money on your ADSL bill

Four easy tips for getting cheaper ADSL internet access at home.

Telkom ADSL subscribers get double their data

Cheap-as-chips data for Telkom's Do Broadband subscribers

Ekurhuleni ebilling system is also leaking your details

Second Gauteng system has broken security that lets anyone see your bills.

Your PINs, accounts and invoices leaked onto net by City of Joburg

Security flaw led to invoices being hosted on insecure site and indexed by Google.

Social Business Africa – Why Kenya is leading the charge

It's mostly down to M-PESA, says Mark Kaigwa.

5GB of mobile data for just R145 per month? Afrihost says yes.

"Clients and friends of clients" deal to kick off on August 20; commercial launch to follow in September.

New DStv decoder: Will you adore-a the Explora?

Multichoice takes its first steps towards future.

Listen to the new episode of the ZA Tech Show

It's a super-long, but fun episode this week as Brett Haggard, Benedict Kelly and Steven Ambrose get together to discuss the Microsoft White Space trial, Cell C and the Android store's '1 Million' milestones and a variety of new gadgets.