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Openserve confirms plan to launch copper-enabled broadband access network

The copper broadband access network will be available through a new suite of Openserve Pure Connect products across multiple speeds.

SENTECH has launched its own broadband service for rural areas

SENTECH said that its broadband connectivity would help bridge the digital divide in under-serviced and rural areas.

Liquid Telecom, SITA & Eastern Cape government to deliver broadband services in the province

Broadband access services to be delivered to hospitals, schools, clinics and provincial offices throughout the Eastern Cape.

South Africa’s monthly broadband internet costs are the 93rd highest in the world

Sub-Saharan Africa has some of the most expensive fixed-line broadband in the world.

South Africa ranked 76th in Worldwide broadband speed league 2018

Compiled by, South Africa ranks 76th in broadband speed among the 200 countries tested.

Increased mobile broadband access can boost a nation’s GDP – Study

Want to grow the economy? Invest in mobile broadband penetration says a study funded by Ericsson.

ANC, MK Vets linked to Joburg broadband deal corruption

The city said it will make the full investigation results public as soon as they are released.

More data for the same price on Telkom Smart Broadband LTE

SmartBroadband LTE bundles can be purchased via USSD, the Telkom App or Telkom stores.

DA: Gov plan to create new broadband company is short-sighted

Government wants to merge Broadband Infraco and Sentech into the State Infrastructure Company.

City of Joburg employee suspended over R1 billion broadband project corruption

Tenders were awarded for the 900km Joburg broadband network in 2015.

Brightwave and Microsoft to bring broadband to rural areas

The partnership forms part of the Affordable Access Initiative which seeks to bridge the digital divide in South Africa.

Government turns on broadband internet in Eastern Cape

Over 600 sites in schools and clinics in two Eastern Cape municipalities were launched by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Telkom announces 100Mbps broadband for copper lines

If your body corporate is giving you grief about installing fibre, Telkom has a solution for you.