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Judge accepts Silk Road 2.0 admin’s guilty plea

The site administrator could face up to eight years in prison for conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

Silk Road founder appeals life sentence

'Dread Pirate Roberts' doesn't like the prospect of life behind bars.

Guilty verdict in Silk Road trial delivered in less than four hours

A jury believes Ross Ulbricht is indeed the Dread Pirate Roberts and has deliberated accordingly.

Silk Road trial closes: “Would Dread Pirate Roberts do that”?

Jury will consider evidence today, as defence insists it's a set-up.

Former SpaceX employee arrested as suspected Silk Road 2.0 founder

Blake Benthall has been charged with conspiring to commit computer hacking, among other crimes.

Why Bitcoin will be better without Silk Road

South African Bitcoin exchange welcomes news of Silk Road closure, says that it will dispel myths about currency's potential for legal use.

FBI closes down Silk Road, Bitcoin price crashes

Second coup for the feds in crackdown on anonymous internet crime sites.

Meet the cop who busted Bitcoin stealing feds at Blockchain Africa

William Frentzent, who helped incarcerate corrupt agents who stole millions during investigations into Silk Road, will be at Blockchain & Bitcoin Africa Conference 2016.

What Paxful has learned over five years in the cryptocurrency space

After five years in the industry, Paxful co-founder Ray Youssef reflects on what the firm has learned.

Research suggests the dark web is not as dark as we think

Research suggests the dark web might be more of a haven for legal content than we think.

Sci-Hub plays hopscotch with domains in legal battle with publisher

Sci-Hub, the torrent site for academic papers, is once again being targeted with takedown orders.

Anonymous is now fighting ISIS on the darknet

If the regular internet wasn't a big enough battlefield for Anonymous and ISIS to fight over, they've now gone down to the darkweb.

Facebook goes dark(net)

Now you can browse Facebook through TOR - should you want to.