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Huawei brings affordable Y-series smartphones to SA

Pricing for the Y-series starts at R999.

Gear Of The Year 2017 – SMME Business Smartphones

Our readers reveal their top picks for SMME business smartphones.

Gear of the Year 2017 – The best high-end smartphones for consumers

The best smartphones of the year as voted for by you.

Gear of the Year 2017 – The best budget smartphones of the year

The best smartphones at the best price as voted for by you.

Google recommends these smartphones for businesses

Looking to kit your employees out with Android smartphones? Google has a few recommendations.

Sony’s mid-range smartphones arrive in SA this April

In the market for a new smartphone? Sony has some rather swish looking handsets arriving in April.

Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart Tour to smartphones

But you'll have to wait over a year to get it...

Rugged smartphones and tablets: Built for life on the move

Our obsession with making smart devices as thin and lightweight as possible has had the unnerving consequence of making many of our high-tech gadgets...

White House bans staff and guests from using personal smartphones

There is no word as yet as to whether a hall monitor will be appointed to make sure the ban is adhered to.

Notebooks that behave like smartphones are here

All the features you love in a smartphone are coming to notebooks including super long battery life and always-on internet.

OnePlus smartphones have a built-in backdoor but a patch is coming

Yeah maybe don't leave a backdoor that grants root access to a smartphone when you ship it.

Linux is coming to Samsung Galaxy smartphones

The functionality is being trialed but it looks great thus far.

FNB announces second generation ConeXis smartphones

FNB's last batch of smarphones sold over 70 000 units and now there's a second generation.